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Vivaldi Cigars
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  • 🏡 Ubicación única: Vivaldi Cigars no es una tienda de tabacos convencional, sino que está ubicada en la casa del propietario Bert, lo que le brinda un ambiente acogedor e íntimo.
  • 🌱 Conocimiento experto: Bert, el propietario de Vivaldi Cigars, es extremadamente conocedor del mundo de los puros y comparte su amplio conocimiento sobre la fabricación y el consumo de puros durante la visita.
  • 💨 Clase magistral de puros: Durante la visita, los turistas tienen la oportunidad de participar en una clase magistral sobre la fabricación y el consumo de puros, lo que les brinda una introducción completa y detallada a este arte ancestral.
  • 🚗 Servicio de transporte incluido: Vivaldi Cigars ofrece un servicio de transporte desde y hacia el lugar de residencia del turista, lo que hace que la visita sea conveniente y sin complicaciones.
  • 💰 Excelentes precios: Los puros y accesorios ofrecidos por Vivaldi Cigars son de alta calidad y a precios razonables, lo que permite a los turistas disfrutar de una experiencia de fumar puros sin dejar de ser asequible.

Tourbly dice

Vivaldi Cigars, ubicado en Punta Cana, es un lugar que no te puedes perder si eres amante de la pasión, la técnica y la experiencia de fumar puros. Dirigido por Bert, un verdadero apasionado de su oficio, este lugar te hará vivir una experiencia única. Los puros aquí no se fuman, se viven. Desde su sabor y duración, hasta su compresión y origen, cada cigarro está cuidadosamente seleccionado para brindar una experiencia de degustación excepcional. Ya sea que decidas compartir este momento con alguien especial o contigo mismo, te aseguro que Vivaldi Cigars te llevará a otro nivel de disfrute.

La visita a Vivaldi Cigars es una experiencia enriquecedora en todos los sentidos. Bert te enseñará los secretos de cómo reconocer un buen cigarro y te explicará la ciencia detrás de su Laboratorio de Diseño de Cigarros. En solo 30 minutos, podrás adquirir un conocimiento impresionante mientras disfrutas de un café y un puro. Además, el precio es excelente y definitivamente valdrá la pena cada centavo invertido.

Si estás buscando la mejor experiencia de cigarros en Punta Cana, no dudes en visitar Vivaldi Cigars. No solo disfrutarás de una amplia selección de cigarros de alta calidad, sino que también serás atendido por un chef encantador. La atención al cliente es impecable, y tanto el producto como la calidad te dejarán maravillado. No pierdas la oportunidad de visitar este lugar altamente recomendado durante tu estancia en Punta Cana.

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A. Basic

We visited Vivaldi Cigars with the idea to buy cigars for our friends and family and we left with great knowledge of cigars and especially how to smoke them with real taste. Bert is such a great host and the experience you get wih the time…

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Charity Csada

What an amazing morning. Picked up just outside of our resort and dropped back off at the doors afterwards. Time well spent. A memory we will hold forever and information we will take home and share with family and friends. Oh and don’t…

Leer más
Ron Briz

This is your cigar club like to go place with even better atmosphere hosted by very knowledgeable and chill owner Bert and his son in law in his own home. Bert will share with you tons of knowledge about cigar making and smoking. He will…

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Troy Lawrence

First let me say what a wonderful experience it was going to Vivaldi Cigars. It is not a traditional Brick and Mortar cigar shop as I had thought when we went there. Bert runs the experience from his home and it’s far more than a simple…

Leer más
Hamera Mengistu

Wow! What an amazing experience! 3 hours later and it flew by! Bert was so knowledgeable and genuine it was an incredible experience. We came all the way from Canada on friends’ recommendation and it was more amazing than we expected!…

Leer más
Michael Palacz

What a great experience. Bert was amazing his detail and info of cigars made it clear he is a true craftsman. His hospitality was incredible, picked us up and dropped us off. Had a wealth of knowledge and he made the experience one of a…

Leer más

Vivaldi cigars are a masterful blend of sophistication and flavor. From the first draw to the last, they deliver a rich, complex experience that is simply unparalleled. Meticulously hand-rolled and exquisitely presented, these cigars are a…

Leer más
Daniel Mul

There is a reason why Bert and Vivaldi have 5 stars! It was more then just a highlight of our trip.…

Leer más
John Pasha

Amazing experience.The creator and Designer of Vivaldi Cigars, the Artist Bert Von Kal and Max the…

Leer más
Joe danis

Hi. While visiting Punta Cana I had the pleasure of meeting Burt from Vivaldi cigars. It was a pleasure. This man is very knowledgeable in the cigar industry for the beginners and advanced smokers. Full of information. If ever you are in…

Leer más
Rupert Birch

Excellent and immensely informative visit, covering every aspect of cigars - from growing the tobacco through the blending process, all the way to smoking and storing them. Bert is both extremely knowledgeable and very hospitable - strongly recommended for anyone with even a passing interest in the world of cigars !

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Mattia Spatafora

I was there on 11-19-23 and I finally learned how to smoke a cigar well and understand many of its nuances...Thanks certainly to Bert (I hope it's written like that) and his son in law...two wonderful people.…

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Adam Sebesta

Bert is by far the most knowledgeable cigar enthusiast on Earth. His place offers a unique safe haven for cigar fans. He will guide you with great patience though all the essentials of cigar smoking in his unique cigar masterclass. The…

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Laura Eliometri

Great and unique experience that I would recommend to anyone: I didn't know anything about cigars before Vivaldi and during the visit I enjoyed every minute. It was really interesting and fascinating to see all that passion and mastercraft.

Leer más
Axie Infinity

Vivaldi Cigars is an exceptional destination for cigar enthusiasts, thanks to owner Bert's impressive knowledge, artistic design, and passion for cigars. He offers a wide range of cigars and accessories, with Bert's personalized…

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Paul Ozanic

We just finished our visit at Vivaldi, and I have to say, it was the highlight of our trip to the DR. As a group, we thought we knew how to smoke a cigar. What we received was an enlightenment. So many new techniques, and new knowledge of…

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Chuck Haber

Bert’s place is a can’t miss if you are into cigars. I’ve been to various cigar lounges and bars but will put Vivaldi at the top. The couple of hours we were there went by in a flash. We learned more about cigars and techniques than I thought possible. Cigars are incredible as well and very reasonably priced.

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Mat Dada

Let me just say....the experience was one I will never forget!. I stumbled on Bert's cigar layer by happenstance looking for cigars.....I had no clue the experience I was about to get into. The cigars, the conversations, the lessons about…

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restaurant ELMER

We had an Amazing moment with Bert! He is very kind, very passionate, and we had an amazing cigars degustation with a lot of very useful informations!…

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Bert was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We learnt a huge amount in such a small time. Great cigars at even better prices. A true master of his craft.

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Dustin Dobernig

My girlfriend and I journeyed to Punta Cana, seeking a well-deserved break. My father, a fellow enjoyer of the occasional smoky indulgence, prompted me with a request - to investigate the local cigar scene. Thus, I embarked on a week-long…

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I was on holiday in Punta Cana with my friend and I was looking at good cigar shops. Bert's shop pop up on top of the list and after reading some of the reviews, I decided this was a must visit place. Bert responded promptly to our enquiry,…

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JF Boucher

Bert once again, perfect experience. So much fun and a pleasure to talk with. A must experience for anyone who loves or wants to discover the world of cigars. Thanks again Bert. (Jeff, Matt, and Denis).

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Aaron Wong

So happy we found Vivaldi Cigars and Bert during our trip in Punta Cana.If you’re in PC looking for amazing cigars and genuine people this is the spot.…

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You have to go if you want to learn how to really smoke sigars. Bert (the owner) knows EVERYTHING about cigars and has his own brands sigars of very high quality.…

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Matteo Corti

We had an eye opening experience. During the thorough masterclass we learned the basics of cigar making and cigar smoking. We learned so much: we bring home world class Cigars and also the knowledge needed to start to appriciate them…

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Izzy viera

I cannot even put into words how amazing of an experience my boyfriend and I had here! Seriously the best thing we did our whole trip to the DR and i’m not even a cigar smoker. Bert is EXTREMELY knowledgeable and makes sure you know all the…

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Andrei Cosereanu

Spent the final day of vacation learning about cigars with the legend himself and could not be more pleased with the experience. From the conversations had to the well of information that Burt had to offer, it is clear that he is truly a…

Leer más
Ori Rivera

Vivaldi Cigars ReviewThe owner of Vivaldi is truly a cigar connoisseur. Their profound knowledge of…

Leer más
Corey Wiggins

Great experience and great conversation with Burt. It was like being among friends at a local cigar gathering but talking with someone knowledge about the craft. My wife and I was able to ask questions about about growing and smoking a true master class.

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Preguntas frecuentes sobre Vivaldi Cigars

¿Qué es Vivaldi Cigars?
Vivaldi Cigars es una atracción turística que ofrece una experiencia única para los amantes de los cigarros. Es un lugar donde se pueden aprender sobre los diferentes tipos de cigarros, su elaboración y disfrutar de una degustación.
¿Quién es Bert Von Kal?
Bert Von Kal es el creador y anfitrión de Vivaldi Cigars. Es un apasionado conocedor de los cigarros y te guiará a través de una experiencia educativa y emocionante.
¿Qué puedo esperar durante mi visita a Vivaldi Cigars?
Durante tu visita a Vivaldi Cigars, puedes esperar aprender sobre los diferentes aspectos de los cigarros, desde su elaboración hasta las técnicas de fumarlos. También podrás disfrutar de una degustación de cigarros de alta calidad y recibir recomendaciones personalizadas de parte de Bert Von Kal.
¿Es necesario ser fumador de cigarros para disfrutar de la experiencia en Vivaldi Cigars?
No es necesario ser fumador de cigarros para disfrutar de la experiencia en Vivaldi Cigars. Bert Von Kal te guiará a través de la historia y la cultura de los cigarros, brindando información interesante y educativa que será apreciada por cualquier visitante.
¿Qué tipo de cigarros se ofrecen en Vivaldi Cigars?
En Vivaldi Cigars se ofrecen una amplia variedad de cigarros de alta calidad. Desde cigarros tradicionales hasta opciones más exclusivas, encontrarás una selección para todos los gustos. Bert Von Kal está disponible para ayudarte a elegir el cigarro perfecto para ti.
¿Cómo puedo reservar una visita a Vivaldi Cigars?
Puedes reservar una visita a Vivaldi Cigars a través de su sitio web oficial. Simplemente selecciona la fecha y hora que más te convenga y sigue las instrucciones para completar tu reserva.
¿Cuál es la opinión de los visitantes sobre Vivaldi Cigars?
Los visitantes de Vivaldi Cigars han elogiado la experiencia y el conocimiento de Bert Von Kal. Muchos han mencionado que la visita fue el punto culminante de su viaje y han recomendado encarecidamente la atracción a otros amantes de los cigarros.
¿Hay opciones de transporte disponibles para llegar a Vivaldi Cigars?
Sí, Vivaldi Cigars ofrece opciones de transporte para sus visitantes. Puedes coordinar con ellos para ser recogido y llevado de regreso a tu lugar de alojamiento.
¿Qué hoteles cerca hay de Vivaldi Cigars?
Hoteles cerca de Vivaldi Cigars: Ver todos los hoteles cerca de Vivaldi Cigars
¿Hay restaurantes cercanos a Vivaldi Cigars?
Restaurantes cerca de Vivaldi Cigars:
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